The Overland Track Day Two

Date: January 16th 2015

Day Two of the Overland is a short 7.75km from Waterfall Valley to Windermere, with a short side trip to Lake Will being an additional 3km.

I was startled to realise I was by far the earliest riser on the Overland Track. I was up with the sun, and went to great pains that first morning to not wake anyone. I ate a hurried breakfast mostly so I could get out before the rain hit, which I’m glad I did because the rain hit that afternoon…hard.


The path starts simply enough, and it was lovely early in the morning. The cloud was just starting to lift and you could still see a ways in front. It didn’t last long though. Less than an hour in the path looked more like this:


It didn’t clear up again for days 🙂 So I waded through the path, and eventually came to Lake Holmes, my favourite part of the day…I think you can see why, it’s so beautiful. It may also have had something to do with the fact it had stopped raining.


I don’t have photos of Lake Will, as I ran out there and back, in the rain, worried birds would attack my pack where I left it at the junction, a common occurrence on the Overland Track. Luckily, it was too wet even for them.

Eventually you reach Lake Windermere which is another amazing sight. You seem to just crest a hill and there it is. Boom. Lake. Wow.


This could actually be called the Lake Day. The entire landscape is dotted with them. At no point this day can you not see a body of water, or twenty. It’s stunning.

Everyone has a favourite hut. Most people like New Peilon; it’s the second biggest and it’s nestled at the bottom of beautiful mountains, surrounded by fields and forests. But I’m a rainforest girl, remember, so I think my favourite is Windermere. That’s why even though I got there at 9 in the morning, I decided to stay the night, because well look…


See? Can’t beat it. It’s stunning. I love it. By the lake, in a rainforest. Really, really.

Besides, the people who moved on regretted it. I know because I caught up to them the next day, where they were too exhausted to move on. HA.