The Overland Track Day One

Date: January 15th 2015

Ah, the Overland Track. There is a reason it’s Australia’s Premier Hike. It’s beautiful, there’s nothing like it. Simple as that.

Day one of the Overland is a simple 10km from Ronny Creek to Waterfall Vally Hut, some 3-4 hours walking.

Unfortunately, the day I set off is the day bad weather hit Tassie. I wasn’t too fussed, but it means I didn’t see much of the scenery on Day one. Luckily, I had done the first half of this track walking to Cradle Summit, so I have sunny day versions of the pics. 🙂

This is me at the starter marker at Ronny Creek. I was on the first bus out of the visitors centre, but we were not the first people to get to Ronny Creek, so it was slow going around the other tourists. It was also soooo windy! But the rain hadn’t started yet, so I made good time.


Bye bye world! See you next week! I was so happy to be heading back onto a track, away from civilization. I was also, like most people, just excited to see what this track was all about. Why is it so famous? Why is it so beautiful? This is interesting to me, as most people complained incessantly about the rainforest sections, wanting more of the moors. To me, this is a very alien landscape. It doesn’t make my heart sing the way the rainforest does. It IS beautiful and I want to go back a hundred times, but it doesn’t click in me the way it does others. Again, I’m just not a mountain girl.

Ronny Creek is quite well known for it’s local wildlife. In particular these little guys:


If you want to see wombats, go down to Ronny Creek any day at around 4pm in summer, just before the sun starts setting. They’re everywhere, and used to people being around so you won’t scare them off.

The track winds its way past Crater Falls to Crater Lake, then up to Marions Lookout. Crater Lake is gorgeous. Here it is on a sunny day:


From Marion’s Lookout you haul yourself up with a chain to the Lookout over Dove Lake and then you head across the back side of the Summit track to Kitchen Hut before heading off onto the Overland Track. (It should be noted that the chain seems to scare off a lot of older folks who attempt the overland. They get to waterfall valley hut but are so terrified it’ll be that hard the whole way that they turn back, oblivious to the fact they’ve just finished the hardest day. If you make it to the first hut, the point you should remember is you made it, so obviously you can do it. Stop whining and start enjoying the hike. Whining gets you nowhere, enjoyin does).

By the time I reached the lookout, the clouds had rolled in and you couldn’t see a metre ahead, so here is Kitchen hut on a sunny day:


The storm that came in was so bad, people actually ended up staying in Kitchen Hut. Crazy. Luckily, I was just ahead of the storm all morning.

The path over past the summit is pretty, with endless pools of water. But they were invisible to me so here it is a few days earlier:


Beautiful. Unfortunately, my day looked mostly more like this:


When you could see at all 🙂 Still beautiful, I loved it. And it was nice and cool! And I was so early that I saw no one else on the walk. I reached Waterfall Valley Hut by midday and was tempted to keep going, but am glad I didn’t. I met the most interesting people on my first night, and it would have been a miserable afternoon of walking.

The huts on the Overland are amazing. I stripped down to my leggings and a thermal top to dry off and warm up, set up my sleeping bag and spent the afternoon getting to know people as they arrived. A really lovely end to day one, even more special because everyone else was so confused by the weather…I was just happy to be cold! Darwin is good for something after all 😛