The Overland Track Day Seven

Date: January 21st 2015 

My last day on the track made me quite melancholy. I wanted to go back and walk it all again, and there was a touch of not wanting to return to the real world in there, as usual. I set off early, mostly to have some time to myself before the others caught up; I was still dawdling with my dodgy foot. I was glad I did; catching glimpses of the lake through the trees in the morning filtered sunlight was stunning.


See? I love walking in the morning.

The last day is through mostly rainforest until you reach the end of the track and it becomes scrub and beaches. I saw 6 tiger snakes this day. SIX. I almost had a heart attack every time. I wanted to run screaming back to Echo Point Hut, but I was a good girl and swallowed my squeals and marched on. Pam caught up to me about halfway down the track and we wandered through the last of the rainforest together, feeling excited to reach the end but exceptionally melancholy.



Goodbye, beautiful place 🙁

I had booked a lodge room, and was so glad I did. It was expensive but so lovely, and my feet needed the clean up I was able to give them in a proper shower, and sitting on a proper bed. I also needed the alone time!

I did go and check out the ferry, which I chose not to take as I wanted to ‘walk the whole thing’.


Not the biggest of beasts.

And much to my delight these signs are everywhere at Lake St Clair:



Ahahahahahaa, don’t I know it. But anyway, here’s the end shot:



Will I be back? Oh hell yes I will. Hopefully in winter, but really, I’d go any time of year, any weather. it’s fantastic.