The Overland Track Day Six

Date: January 20th 2015

Day Six of the Overland for me was 9km from Burt Nichols hut to Narcissus Hut, and then a further 6.5km over to Echo Point Hut. I planned this with the other female solo hiker I had spent the night at Burt Nichols with, Pam. It was the right decision. By this point everyone you started with is off on their own agenda; some had to finish in five days and were long gone, some had taken side trips , stayed longer at huts, gone over to Pine Valley…you get the idea. So we made new friends at Echo Point.

Narcissus is an older hut, set for renovation, and while cute I didn’t want to stay there. I wanted to break up the mammoth last day, and it worked well the way we did it. That, and Echo Point is pure magic.

I should mention that by this point my infected foot had finally started to heal; the hole was much, much smaller but it still hurt like crazy and I was hobbling a bit. It was slow going the last two days for me, largely because in trying to avoid further injuring my heel (I had hurt it in the previous walk on the Penguin Cradle Trail) I overcompensated with other parts of my foot, causing further damages. Go figure. So I was in significant pain, but it was okay as long as I didn’t try to stop walking. Ha.

I saw my first snake on the Overland on Day six, and if you’ve read my review of the PCT you will understand the horror that filled me. My first reaction was to look at my feet and check they were snake free, and that my gaiters were in place. They were. Then I looked ahead to assess just how far away the snake was. When it slipped through the boarding I was walking on I wanted to scream. Instead, I made as much thumping noise on it as I could and ran past… Oh yeah, I’m super good around snakes. Not.

Luckily, I didn’t see any more snakes on Day 6. Day 7 was a different story.

We had a quick snack and stop at Narcissus where we made new friends who were also heading to Echo Point; there ended up being more people camped at Echo Point than most huts along the way. The irony being Echo Point only sleeps 6 people comfortably. There were a few tents tonight 😛

This is the amazing hut:



We arrived just in time for lunch, and then relaxed on the beach and the pier, just watching the ferry do it’s trips and listening to the waves lap. It was the best way to spend my last afternoon/evening on the track.

You get to see amazing sunsets:



Mount Ida:



And the view from the beach:



Echo Point. Gorgeous. Go.